Why Use A Search Engine When You Can Call A Doc?

Updated: May 17, 2018

The internet is great for a lot of things but you need to be careful when getting medical advice.

Thanks to the evolution of science and technology, information is easily accessible from any part of the globe. With an Internet-enabled device, individuals are able to find answers to almost any questions. A significant portion of the information available on the World Wide Web includes health advice on a series of lifestyle changes for healthy living and natural means of identifying symptoms of illnesses and diseases. Unqualified individuals upload some of this information; you really don't know who is providing it hence, it is best advised that you call a doctor if you have any health issues.

Why You Should Call a Doctor

Search engines seemingly protect your privacy and offer an inexpensive avenue to discuss health problems. All the touted benefits of this option may blind your eyes to its disadvantages.

Most 'medical' websites are not accredited to provide any form of medical information and as such may not be the best resources for any medical or health-related information. Since search engines require you to input a few symptoms of your condition to make a diagnosis and provide information on treatment options, you may end up with a wrong diagnosis. The danger of this cannot be overemphasized as treating a nonexistent condition can lead to more harmful conditions and in extreme cases, death.

The Best Option When Sick

The call a doctor feature for members is the best option for individuals seeking medical advice. One of the benefits of telemedicine is that it enables people from all communities, access to professional care from health specialists. With a call a doctor service such as that offered to members with MedCard, you can discuss treatment options with a doctor over the phone or via video for free. The service provides you with 24/7 access to a healthcare specialist. You can leave the internet for what it does best...cats.

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