What Health Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know

Updated: May 16, 2018

Anyone who is familiar with what health insurance companies call a “claw-back” and how it affects the prices of prescriptions knows that it pays to ask questions when it comes to buying your prescriptions. in short, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) negotiate copay prices for insurers that are often higher than the cash price paid by uninsured patients. Lots of states have already developed rules banning claw-backs, but now a team of senators have introduced a bill that will ban PBM-negotiated agreements nationwide. After all insurance is supposed to save people money not cost them more.

A study with the American Medical Association unearthed that a little over 20 percent of most prescriptions filled through insurance ended up costing more than if patients would have bought out-of-pocket. Pharmacists reportedly feel complicit in price gouging, and their companies frequently do not allow them to offer information that may save clients money. However, keep in mind if you specifically ask for a lesser cost option they're permitted to offer it. So always ask the pharmasist if you're getting the best price, it could end up saving you a bundle.

You shouldn't have to worry about your health because you can't afford your prescriptions. MedCard offers discounts that will save you up to 90% on your medications. Great for the uninsured or those who choose not to use it to avoid clawbacks. You can download the card here and print it out or save it to your phone and show the pharmacy when you pickup your Rx. For the people still not able to pay for their medications, CompMed Rx offers help for customers applying for Prescription assistance programs or PAPs. For those that qualify. medications are sent every 90 days at little to no cost. In addition to this benefit members receive Medical Bill Discounting, Ask a Doc and our 24/7 Call a Doctor benefit so you can call a doctor anytime and if needed the doctor will call in a prescription to your pharmacy.

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