How Telemedicine is Changing Healthcare

Updated: May 17, 2018

With the steady rise in the number of new patients who need health coverage, there is a possibility that the medical staff available in hospitals, clinic and other health care centers will not be able to provide the required services to the new patients due to shortages. The health industry is always evolving and this evolution comes along with a series of changes. There have been many recent improvements to the field of medicine and these advancements have made it possible for patients and doctors alike to have easy access to medical info and connect like never before. To combat this shortage of medical staff, health providers have decided to seek a solution. There is no doubt that technology has brought transformation in health care services in the past and it's happening again..

Telemedicine, What is it?

Telemedicine is a growing field that is concerned with the exchange of medical information through electronic communications. This information disseminated through this platform can be accessed by both service providers and consumers thereby enhancing overall communication.

Telemedicine also offers a unique, cost effective approach to medicine and healthcare that is tailored to suit the urgent needs of patients while reducing inordinate expenses. 

Benefits of Telemedicine

The advent of Telemedicine has made it easy for doctors and other healthcare workers to review the medical history of patients and create a treatment plan after proper diagnosis. Through special monitoring systems, doctors can also monitor the recovery of patients and their response to treatment. Telemedicine also provides several different support groups for patients suffering from one illness or the other to meet up and socialize with individuals with similar experiences. Additional benefits of calling your doctor are:

1. Extended access to specialists and professional care in rural communities.

2. Reduced health care service costs.

3. Increased efficiency

4. Increase in quality of service provided.

5. Better patient Engagement

6. Easier access to health care.

Doctors have become more accessible in the last few years as the use of telemedicine continues to grow.

Reduced healthcare service cost is unquestionably one of the key benefits that encourage patients to use Telemedicine services., offers free doctor consultations 24/7 via phone or video to members. You can become a member for a flat rate of $14.95 a month for an individual or $17.95 for a family.  Compare that to the cost of a urgent care visit that says averages $97.00 to $150.00 a visit and the savings become very clear. 

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