Brokers - Now is the Time to Offer Telemedicine

We are now living in a time of convenience and that need for convenience is growing quickly in 2018. Based on information from the U.S. Census Bureau’s United states Community Survey, services that are on-demand are attracting an overall total greater than 22.4 million customers annually. Telemedicine is part of that growth in on-demand services. This creates a incredible chance for brokers to add a brand new revenue stream to their agency, while remaining relevant within the eyes of their clients by providing cutting edge solutions to their needs.

At the conclusion of 2016, Telemedicine offerings from employers nearly doubled with a 60% boost in only one 12 months. Many states are developing policies to make sure telemedicine is accessible to more people. In 2015, 42 states proposed more than 200 pieces of legislation regarding telemedicine Laws and Reimbursement Policies. Once the telemedicine market is still growing and is becoming easily available over the whole United States.


By the end of 2018 telemedicine should attract over 7 million users. Given this rate it is obvious to see that if you'd like your agency to be a step ahead of the competition, the time has come to add telemedicine to your practice. According to a 2016 Physician Trends Report, about 70% of employers intended to provide telemedicine solutions by the end of 2017. Being an agent, you’ll want to be able to provide the right solutions for your customers needs.

With increasing deductibles, coinsurance and copay's employers are searching for easy ways to cut spending. MedCard enables employees to use a physician via phone or video anytime day or night, saving both money and time. This enables employees to spend less, sleep more and get back to their jobs and life. Because telemedicine provides clients easier use of a physician, there is less chance a employee will use expensive ER and urgent care clinics. Nearly every research study conducted has concluded that supplying a telemedicine program decreases company co-pays and claims overall. Add to the mix Rx discounts, medical bill and patient advocates, discounts on hundreds of products and you have a program that everyone can get excited about, brokers and employers alike.

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